Murkowski Votes Against Reid Debt Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Lisa Murkowski today voted against the debt bill put forward by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) – which fell 10 votes short of cloture – and issued the following statement afterwards:

“Senator Reid’s plan could not get my support because at its core, it’s a hollow piece of legislation – counting as savings money we don’t plan on spending and calling it a debt reduction plan. A full trillion dollars of Senator Reid’s assumed cuts are decreases in spending on our military efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq that we don’t plan on spending. That’s like deciding to not buy a car and saying you saved $20,000.

“The American people deserve more than accounting gimmicks.  They deserve bills that are serious attempts to put the country back on track – and this bill already lost in bipartisan fashion on the other side of Congress just yesterday.

“It’s my hope that the latest discussions on this matter, overnight and this morning, will lead to a bipartisan solution to this problem.  The only bipartisan accomplishment we’ve come up with in the last week is confusing and inciting fear in the American public.

“Time is running out. We need to come together now so that America can continue to honor its obligations, pay its debts and move forward down a sound fiscal path.”