Murkowski Votes to Strengthen Alaska Export Trade, Boost Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Senator Notes Alaska’s Unique Place in the International Market

Senator Lisa Murkowski today voted for H.R.2146, the vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority, and explained her reasoning with Alaskans afterwards:

“When Alaskans discuss economic partners – being separated from the contiguous 48 – more often than not we’re talking about exports with partners abroad.  International trade supports 90,000 Alaskan jobs, roughly 70 percent of which are part of our small- and medium sized-business community, from fishermen to natural resource developers.

“Trade Promotion Authority allows Congress to lay out the rules of engagement and set benchmarks for success for negotiators to pursue when discussing international agreements, evaluate the results, and keeps free trade moving forward.  That’s why I continue to support this bipartisan effort which means so much to Alaska in terms of strengthening partnerships and opening new markets for Alaska’s exports.”