Murkowski Welcomes Kip Knudson, Gov. Parnell’s New Director of State and Federal Relations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Lisa Murkowski today released the following statement on Governor Sean Parnell’s announcement of Kip Knudson as Director of State and Federal relations in his Washington, D.C. office:

“Governor Parnell informed me this morning that he has selected Kip Knudson to be Alaska's new Director of State and Federal Relations and I was happy to hear it.

 “I've known Kip since my time in the Alaska State Legislature, and worked with him on vital Alaska issues in Washington. He has a great knowledge base of our state - from resource development to aviation to health care - and I know his commitment first-hand.

“There is no replacement for the institutional wisdom of John Katz, but I look forward to working with Kip in Washington, DC at this critical time for our state.”