Murkowski Welcomes Treasury Secretary in Alaska

Hosts Roundtable in Fairbanks With Local Business and Community Leaders

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) this weekend welcomed U.S. Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin to Alaska. During the Secretary’s visit, Senator Murkowski brought together local community and business leaders from industries such as tourism, real estate, banking, and finance to discuss Alaska’s economy and opportunities.

“It is truly an honor to have Secretary Mnuchin in Alaska, and I thank him for taking the time to make the trip,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski. “This visit was a tremendous opportunity for both the Secretary and Alaskans to discuss our unique needs and opportunities. With last year’s passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, it was also valuable for the Secretary to hear from businesses about how tax reform is encouraging the economic growth needed to create jobs, generate new revenue, and grow our economy. I’m thankful for the opportunity to put a spotlight on the administration’s understanding of Fairbanks and Alaska’s economy.”

“Thanks to Senator Murkowski’s ongoing commitment to Fairbanks, a team of local bankers and business people had an unprecedented opportunity to visit with Secretary Mnuchin from the U.S. Department of Treasury while he was in Fairbanks, said Steve Lundgren, Denali State Bank President and CEO, “It was a pleasure to welcome Secretary Mnuchin into our very own boardroom at our Cushman Street location. Because the Secretary is a banker, having worked both with community and regional banks, we had a lot to talk about. To my surprise, the Secretary was familiar with some of the unique challenges related to our economy, educational system and healthcare needs. It is clear the Secretary understands some of these challenges can be improved if people have hope and jobs to support their families. Because of the Secretary’s prior experience working with community banks, he is keenly aware of the role a bank like ours plays in improving the lives of our community members. I am pleased to hear the Secretary and his team are focused on fiscal policy that will result in economic growth and job creation that will ultimately benefit all Alaskans. I am certain Secretary Mnuchin left Fairbanks with a better understanding of why Fairbanks is the Golden Heart City.”

Business Round Table

In addition, while in Fairbanks Senator Murkowski also participated in a roundtable discussion with Secretary Mnuchin, Alaska Governor Bill Walker, and ANCSA Regional Corporation leaders to educate Secretary Mnuchin and the administration about ANCSA Corporation’s contributions to Alaska’s culture, economy, and impact on a national and global scale.

Separately, Murkowski joined Governor Walker and the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation (APFC) Board to discuss with Secretary Mnuchin the role of APFC in funding the State of Alaska as well as the opportunity for the U.S. Treasury to work with APFC. Murkowski also participated in a discussion with the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, the Governor, and the Secretary about the future of the Alaska natural gas pipeline project.  


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