Murkowski Works with Feds, Gets Village Road Permitted

Senator Works with EPA, Army Corps of Engineers to Deliver Subsistence Access for Nuiqsut, Kuukpik Corporation Shares Its Appreciation for her Involvement

Senator Lisa Murkowski today was pleased to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency to finalize a permit that will allow for the construction of a 5.8 mile gravel road in Nuiqsut to protect and support cultural traditions, as well as the economic activity in the North Slope village. Consistent with the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, the simple gravel road will assist residents to provide food for their families through subsistence activities, as well as getting to and from their employment in oil development projects – allowing them to live at home, as opposed to industrial camps.

“This road is an investment in the future of the Nuiqsut community – it provides them access to caribou and jobs today, and will boost their community’s potential into the future when the current development work ceases,” said Murkowski.  “Roads are channels of culture, they are channels of commerce and they are at times our lifeline – I’m proud that we were able to help the Kuukpik Corporation reach an agreement that will help residents from the community sleep in their own beds, and will give Nuiqsit residents access to the subsistence activities that feed their families and support their culture.”

Isaac Nukapigak, President of Kuukpik Corporation said “Kuukpik is pleased that the Corp of Engineers and the EPA agreed to the terms of the permit.  The road will provide subsistence access to offset impacts created by development.  The community of Nuiqsut will benefit.  We would like to thank Senator Murkowski for her assistance in guiding this permit through the process.”

(Location of Nuiqsut, where work on the gravel road will soon begin)