Nat’l Guard to Murkowski: Military Code “Needed to be Beefed Up” in Alaska

National Guard Bureau Salutes Current Readiness of “Talented” AK Nat’l Guard

Senator Lisa Murkowski today sought answers from the National Guard Bureau about its investigation into military sexual assault and misbehavior in the Alaska National Guard, asking the official in charge where things stand in terms of policy changes and the guards’ readiness levels.  At a hearing of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, Murkowski leveraged the appearance of National Guard Bureau Chief General Frank Grass to follow up on the investigation done by the Office of Complex Investigations – seeking to determine what improvements are being made within the force.

“I understand the National Guard Bureau played a significant role in identifying where the Alaska National Guard can remedy its deficiencies,” Murkowski said to General Grass.  “Can you share with the committee your plan, and how you are encouraging the Alaska National Guard to implement your solutions?”

(Murkowski questions National Guard Bureau about the Alaska National Guard investigation – Click to watch.)

 “Remember that the problems in Alaska were caused by a very small number of people – and not a week goes by that we don’t see the Alaska National Guard out rescuing people, they’re very talented,” responded General Grass.  “The key point [of our findings] was that education was needed, a change of leadership was needed, and better prosecution was called for … One of the things we learned in the course of the investigation was that the military code for Alaska was weak and needed to be beefed up.”
Grass continued on, explaining that the National Guard Bureau sent a General to Alaska last fall to work with the Alaska National Guard and the Governor’s office, and is currently moving forward with a stronger, more accountable military code system.