Sen. Murkowski: Climate Change Not an Excuse to Deprive Alaskans of Best Economic Prospects

Highlights Alaska Energy Innovation Successes in Letter to President Obama

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski sent a letter to President Obama, urging him to broaden the agenda of his upcoming trip to Alaska beyond the single issue of climate change.  In the attached letter, Murkowski asks the President to acknowledge that climate change is only one part of the Alaska story, while detailing a number of investments Alaskans have made with renewable energy and innovative energy technologies.

“First, climate change must not be used as an excuse to deprive Alaskans of our best economic prospects.  Many renewable energy projects in our state were made possible with State revenues derived from oil production.  As you will see, Alaska has developed institutions and programs that maximize the benefits of resource production to improve the lives of our people,” Murkowski stated in the letter. “Second, climate change is an opportunity for the federal government to partner with Alaskans and leverage the expertise that we have developed.  I am hopeful that after your visit you will recognize the unique needs of our State, and direct federal agencies to work in greater partnership with the State of Alaska, the Alaska Center for Energy and Power, the Cold Climate House Research Center, the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, and others.”