Senator Murkowski Comments on Governor Dunleavy Approving Extension of Federal UI Benefits for Alaskans

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released the following statement on Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy’s authorization of the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development to begin the FEMA application process and utilize state UI Trust Funds for an extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits. Alaskans who receive UI benefits will now be given a $300 weekly increase.

“COVID-19 is an unprecedented situation which has created anxiety and stress on far too many individuals and families, making unemployment benefits a true lifeline for many Alaskans who lost their jobs as a result of government policies to combat the pandemic. It’s imperative that we continue to help those Alaskans while at the same also making sure we don’t create disincentives to return to work. I applaud Governor Dunleavy and his administration for taking quick action and approving this extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits. It is unfortunate that we’ve seen an impasse in Congress on additional COVID-19 relief—which prompted the President to proceed with taking executive action to extend federal unemployment benefits in the first place. This is a temporary fix to alleviate the immediate impacts of the pandemic on Alaskans. Our work in Congress to find a more long-term solution continues.”

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