Senator Murkowski Honors Alaska’s Class of 2020

Gives Second Chance for Valedictorian Speeches to Be Shared

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life for all Alaskans, particularly our graduating seniors. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski has worked hard to send the message to graduates that while the end of their senior year and their graduation ceremony were not what they expected, she is very proud of their accomplishments, wants them to be recognized, and believes in their ability to build a bright future for Alaska.

To further highlight Alaska’s graduates and honor their hard work and this significant milestone, Senator Murkowski wants to give valedictorians from across Alaska a platform to share the commencement speech they would have given (or did give!) with all Alaskans.  She is asking that any valedictorian that wishes to take part to submit a video message to be highlighted on the Student Corner page of her website. Senator Murkowski will highlight this page on her social media platforms.

  • Who: Alaskan Valedictorians
  • When: No later than June 30th, 2020
  • What to Send: Please record a video of the speech (holding the camera horizontally). A smartphone (Samsung or iPhone), laptop, or a video recorded on any other smart device will suffice. (If the valedictorian was able to deliver their speech online at their graduation, a video from that time may also be submitted.)  
  • How: Upload your video to the Dropbox link below. Make sure to include your first and last name, school, and email address.


First name: Jane

Last name: Doe (Name of High School)

Email: jane_doe@emailaddress.com

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