WASHINGTON, D.C. –Senator Murkowski yesterday won final passage of a resolution celebrating twenty years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Mongolia. “The United States-Mongolian relationship is dynamic and growing with over one hundred U.S. and U.S. Mongolian joint ventures in oil exploration, textiles, animal husbandry, tourism, mining and banking,” said Senator Murkowski. “I look forward to not only increased economic ties between our two countries, but also to greater cultural and academic exchanges.” The United States established diplomatic relations with the Government of Mongolia in January, 1987. In 1991, the United States began a Peace Corp program in Mongolia that now boasts approximately 100 volunteers. Mongolia sent peacekeeping troops to Sierra Leone and Kosovo, as well as contributing engineers, troops, and medical personnel to Operation Iraqi Freedom as the first coalition country to send an infantry battalion to Iraq. Alaska and Mongolia’s strong military ties are evident through the Alaska-Mongolia National Guard State Partnership Program. Established in 2003, the program has fostered a broad working relationship between the Alaska National Guard and Mongolian Armed Forces, who stand side-by-side in Iraq. “The partnership between our National Guard and the Mongolian Armed Forces has resulted in a true friendship,” said Senator Murkowski. “Alaska’s pairing with Mongolia is fitting, given our similar geographic size, topography, population density, and climate. Its success is a direct reflection of the willingness and eagerness of both sides to further our relations.”