Senators Call for Proper Labeling of Genetically Modified Salmon

Frankenfish Amendment Added to Senate Continuing Resolution Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich, today announced their next step in protecting Americans from potentially harmful and invasive “Frankenfish” by filing an amendment to the Continuing Resolution being debated on the Senate floor that would require clear and unquestionable labeling of GE salmon when sold to consumers.

The amendment would ensure millions of Americans know the difference between natural salmon cultivated in our streams and oceans rather than in science labs and holding pens.

“When any consumer is clearly presented with an option of natural salmon – particularly from Alaska – against putting some chemistry experiment on their plate, there really is no choice at all,” said Senator Murkowski.  “With all the splicing and the scientific wizardry going on behind the scenes, I’m not even sure they should be labeled as ‘salmon’ in the first place.”

“Alaskans deserve to know what is on their dinner plates, especially if it’s something that was grown in a science lab or was caught across the globe,” said Senator Begich. “With Alaskans world renowned stocks of wild salmon, every effort needs to be made to protect the hard-working fishermen selling a real, wild product from imposters trying to trick consumers.”

As the Food and Drug Administration continues their approval process and comment period on GE salmon – ending April 26th – the push for proper labeling is a critical effort supported by a “Coastal Coalition” in the U.S. Senate, with lawmakers from the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans all engaged in the fight.