WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senators Murkowski and Stevens today won final passage of a resolution recognizing and thanking military families for the tremendous sacrifices and contributions they have made to the Nation. “Military families bear a profound burden when their loved ones are away defending our Country,” said Senator Murkowski. “They serve their country every bit as much as their loved ones do. I deeply appreciate the contributions and sacrifices they make to help keep our soldiers strong and our nation safe. It is particularly important to let them know now, with the holiday season approaching, that we stand behind them. ” “We can never thank military families enough for their dedication to both their servicemembers and the nation,” said Senator Stevens. “The American public must remember that it is not just the solider, sailor, airman, coastguardsmen, or marine that makes sacrifices--family members back home bear an enormous burden in supporting their loved ones that are in harm’s way.” There are over 3 million immediate family members of individuals serving in the Armed Forces. The contribution made by military families cannot be overestimated – they have been a bedrock of support for the Armed Forces for over 230 years. They have provided essential personal and emotional support to help sustain our soldiers throughout the course of their service. The resolution urges the people of the United States to thank military families for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made.