USS Anchorage Will Be Commissioned in Anchorage

Alaska’s Congressional Delegation is pleased today to announce the Commissioning Ceremony for the USS Anchorage will be held in Anchorage next September or October. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is personally delivering the good news to each member of the delegation via telephone calls today.

The news comes in response to letters the delegation members wrote to Secretary Mabus in November requesting the ship be commissioned in the community for which it is named to give locals a chance to show how proud they are to have a U.S. Navy vessel named for the city.

“Secretary Mabus’ phone call today was welcome news for Alaska’s military community and the civilian neighbors who support them,” said Sen. Murkowski. “Alaska has missed the Navy’s year-round presence since the closure of the Adak station almost 15 years ago, so we hope this is the first step in a more significant naval operation as the U.S. presence in the Arctic develops."

“Alaskans are among the strongest supporters of the U.S. military and have a long tradition of building relationships and supporting our active duty members and veterans,” Sen. Begich said. “This commissioning will give Alaskans from across the state a chance to come out and show the pride and respect we feel for having a Navy vessel bear the name of Alaska’s largest city.”

"This is good news not only for the city of Anchorage, but for all Alaskans,” said Rep. Young. “Whether it’s the thousands of active-duty men and women that call our state home or the crucial role we play in defending this nation, Alaskans know and are proud of the unique bond we have with the military.”  

For details on what a ship commissioning is all about, see the web link below.