Continuing Resolution Delivers for Alaska’s Rural, Military Needs

Murkowski’s Indian Health Care Staffing Funds, Other Priorities Pass Senate in Funding Resolution

WASHINGTON, DC — Senator Lisa Murkowski today cast her vote for H.R. 933, the Continuing Appropriations Act, which would fund the federal government through the remainder of the fiscal year ending September 30th. Included in the bill are key Alaska funding priorities, many of which were directly included by Murkowski in her role as the top Republican on the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee.

Murkowski’s determination to provide basic and essential medical needs to Alaska’s First People was successfully included as part of her efforts on the appropriations subcommittee, where she was able to designate resources to staff health centers run by the following organization:

  •  Southcentral Foundation
  • Norton Sound Health Corporation (Nome)
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference (Fairbanks)
  • Arctic Slope Native Association (Barrow)



CAIHC - Fairbanks

Valley Native Primary Care Center - Wasilla

Other Alaska-specific priorities addressed within the bill:

Improving Veterans Care

  • The bill requires that the Veterans Administration continue to document the number of Alaskan required to travel via plane for medical care, and why.

(38% fewer Alaska veterans have had to travel long distances for care. CLICK to hear more.)

  • The bill continues to provide the Veterans Administration (VA) authority to maintain rural vets receiving healthcare benefits from Native Health Clinics – a historic first for Alaskan veterans announced last May.

USS Ted Stevens

  • To recognize the public service achievements, military service sacrifice, and undaunted heroism and courage of the long-serving United States Senator for Alaska, the bill calls for the next available capital warship of the U.S. Navy to be named the USS Ted Stevens.  (Senator Murkowski spoke in the Appropriations Committee about this distinction for Senator Stevens – CLICK HERE to hear her thoughts.)

Military Construction

  • $18.3 million is allotted for facilities construction in Alaska
    • $10.4 million for a Fort Wainwright modified record fire range (Fairbanks);
    • $7.9 million for a modified record fire range at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (Anchorage).


(Click image for a computerized rendition of the fire range at Fort Carson, CO – Similar ranges for AK are funded in the CR)

Homeland Security

  • $8 million for initial acquisition planning and design of a new polar ice breaker;
  • $5 million for improvements to the Cold Bay Air Refueling Station;
  • $1.1 million for improvements to the Sitkinak Refueling Station.

Department of Justice

  • The Government Accounting Office (GAO) is required to review the policies and practices of DOJ, who paid for or reimbursed the attorneys fees and costs of departmental employees facing criminal contempt investigations relating to the prosecution of Senator Stevens – totaling nearly $2 million.
  • The GAO is also required to evaluate the DOJ’s performance in disciplining prosecutors who are found to have engaged in prosecutorial misconduct or contempt of court.

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