Murkowski Fights to Secure Municipality of Anchorage Priorities through FY2023 Appropriations Bills

The Senate Appropriations Committee recently published the majority’s proposal for the Fiscal Year 2023 (FY23) appropriations bills. As a senior member of the Committee and Ranking Member of the Interior-Environment Appropriations Subcommittee, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) included $491 million in Congressionally Directed Spending for more than 130 local projects throughout Alaska, which includes over $141.2 million to directly support the Municipality of Anchorage. 


“The return of Congressionally Directed Spending presents incredible opportunities, particularly in a state like Alaska with so many unique needs. By taking the power out of the hands of D.C. bureaucrats and empowering taxpayers to have a greater voice in the appropriations process – we can make a real difference in the lives of Alaskans,” said Senator Murkowski. “I’ve heard from leaders across the Anchorage Borough, including Mayor Bronson, about their greatest needs, and I’m proud to continue to fight for those priorities. Within the current FY2023 appropriations bills, I’ve secured significant funding for the Anchorage Borough, alone. This funding will bolster public health and safety, improve hard infrastructure in support of education and healthcare, address long-standing challenges of the safe disposal of wastewater, improve the quality of life for military members and their families, and so much more. I am committed to ensuring that the needs of all Alaskans are always well-represented.”  


“As our state’s biggest city, I’m pleased to see these significant appropriations planned for Anchorage. With so many pressing needs across our community, it’s imperative these projects and efforts get the funding they require,” said Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson. “I want to thank Senator Murkowski and her staff for taking our requests to heart, and going to bat for Anchorage. These funds would help advance work at the Port of Alaska; enhance public safety; support our heroic Anchorage Police officers; confront homelessness; create jobs; and safeguard public health. It’s encouraging to see these types of results when we work together as Alaskans at the local and national level.”


Anchorage Borough Congressionally Directed Spending Allocations  

Public Safety and Homelessness:  

  • Anchorage: $7.5 million to Providence Community Foundation to provide permanent supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness in Anchorage. 
  • Anchorage: $1.6 million to Rural Alaska Community Action Program to address the Anchorage homelessness issue through improving and expanding permanent supportive housing facilities. 
  • Anchorage: $500,000 to the University of Alaska Anchorage to implement a forensic training program for healthcare providers and advocates.
  • Anchorage: $250,000 for law enforcement technology and equipment, specifically for the Anchorage Police Department to replace and upgrade cameras. 
  • Anchorage: $1.7 million for law enforcement technology and equipment, specifically for the Anchorage Police Department to replace radios.
  • Anchorage: $2 million for replacement of police vehicles. 
  • Anchorage: $500,000 to the Municipality of Anchorage to replace the roof of the Anchorage Emergency Operations Center.


Water, Wastewater, and Environmental Hazards: 


  • Girdwood: $2.5 million for a sewer access project, for the safe disposal of wastewater in Girdwood. 
  • Anchorage: $13 million to the Municipality of Anchorage for the safe disposal of wastewater in Anchorage. 
  • Eagle River: $4.5 million to the Municipality of Anchorage for the safe disposal of wastewater in Eagle River. 
  • Statewide: $300,000 for the University of Alaska Anchorage to study the need and economic feasibility of constructing and operating a hazardous waste processing facility and landfill in the State of Alaska. 
  • Anchorage: $4 million to implement the Municipality of Anchorage's Community Wildfire Protection Plan. 


Public Health and Education:  

  •  Anchorage: $5 million to Southcentral Foundation towards construction of the Fireweed Specialty Dental Clinic. 
  • Anchorage: $2.25 million to the University of Alaska to renovate UA’s facilities for nursing education, telehealth training, and inter-professional education programs. 
  • Anchorage: $1.2 million to update and improve the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center. 
  • Anchorage: $290,000 for Providence Alaska to establish and launch the Alaska Psychiatry Residency Program. 
  • Anchorage: $500,000 to the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center to establish a new Dental Assistant Training Apprenticeship. 
  • Anchorage: $2 million for a Southcentral Foundation Workforce Development Program, to provide resources and support to students training as nurses, certified medical assistants, dental health aid therapists, and as behavioral health providers. 
  • Anchorage: $750,000 for construction of a Crisis Stabilization Center at Providence Alaska Medical Center. 
  • Anchorage: $400,000 to the Alaska Center for FASD to connect individuals with FASD to services. 
  • Statewide: $1 million to the University of Alaska Anchorage to expand UAA’s business development services to rural and young entrepreneurs in Alaska. 
  • Anchorage: $6 million to the Alaska Community Foundation to support the preservation, processing, and digitization of records of Alaskan leaders. 



  • Anchorage: $63 million to build an aircraft maintenance hangar at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. 
  • Anchorage: $5.2 million to remove PFAS contaminated soil on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. 


Infrastructure Upgrades:  

·         Whittier: $1.2 million for well field upgrades. 

·         Anchorage: $5 million to the Port of Alaska to make site improvements. 

·         Girdwood: $1.6 million to replace the Ruane Road culvert in Girdwood. 

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