Murkowski Vows to Keep Fighting for Alaska’s Sustainable Fisheries

Senator Gives Remarks to Sustainable Seafood Seminar with NOAA

Senator Lisa Murkowski today spoke before federal and commercial seafood representatives at the Sustainable Seafood Seminar – pledging to continue her support for strong federal funding for fisheries management.  Additionally, she reiterated her commitment to protect the seafood industry from threats posed by genetically-engineered salmon and third-party sustainable seafood certification schemes. 

(Murkowski speaks to Sustainable Seafood Seminar – Click here for video)


As Co-Chair of the U.S. Senate Oceans Caucus, Murkowski updated attendees on her recent efforts to ensure sound support and policy for the seafood industry, which employs 63,000 in the state and contributes over $4 billion to the Alaskan economy.  Reminding the audience that she takes professional and personal pride in her efforts – with her sons both working in the fisheries – she discussed: