Murkowski: White House Admitting Health Care Law Broken

Senator: Delay Proves this “Inconvenient Truth” About Signature Law

Today the White House announced that it was again delaying the midsize-employer mandate for a year until 2016.  Senator Murkowski had the following response to the decision, which the Washington Post reported was done to “defuse another potential controversy involving the 2010 health care law”:

“The White House delayed the employer mandate last July, they postponed the limit on out-of-pocket expenses for Americans in August, they admitted they weren’t truthful about ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep it’ at Thanksgiving, they flip-flopped on catastrophic coverage before Christmas – and now they are pushing the employer mandate even further away.  We know there are at least 28 changes made by this administration to its signature accomplishment and likely more to come as fallout continues from the president’s health care law.  This White House will make any change to this law or push any deadline they see expedient, but when everyday Americans ask for relief, they are given talking points.

“The inconvenient truth that this administration can’t push off or delay is that this health care law isn’t delivering better access to care or cost savings – the things we all agree are needed.  Instead, we see thousands of Alaskans suffering ‘sticker shock’ at rate hikes, the loss of insurance or access to their doctor. Since this administration would never admit to be pushing this mandate off for political reasons in an election year, one can only conclude that the entire health care insurance law is simply broken.

“Alaskans and Americans deserve better.”