Senator Murkowski

Murkowski Looks for Balanced Energy Approach Senator Murkowski speaks to reporters about energy solutions. I joined several of my colleagues at a news conference this week to urge the Senate to consider a balanced approach to rising gas prices. The Senate is considering legislation that targets energy speculators, but does not deal with increased oil and gas production, conservation or alternative fuels. America needs a three-pronged energy strategy that focuses on domestic production… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski eNewsletter 05/02/2008

SENATOR MURKOWSKI ATTENDS NATIVE YOUTH OLYMPICS On Saturday, I attended the Native Youth Olympics in Anchorage. The annual event brings together hundreds of athletes from across the state competing in traditional Alaska Native games. The events are based on skills passed down through generations that test and fine tune hunting and survival skills. The games have received state and national recognition and are a unique part of our state's culture. For more information about the games … Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski eNewsletter 04/18/2008

SENATOR MURKOWSKI WELCOMES PENSION SETTLEMENT TO ALASKA GUARD MEMBER I welcome the settlement in the pension case of Alaska Guardsman Robert Traut. Traut was granted full back pay and restored benefits after being denied reemployment by the Department of Health and Human Services in June 2000 after returning from a tour of active duty in the Alaska Air National Guard. Traut, who worked in Anchorage before going on active duty with the Guard, was reemployed by the federal government as… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski's April 4th 2008 eNewsletter

Senator Mukowski Joins Bipartisan Group of Senators In Introducing Legislation to Improve Care for Women Veterans I recently joined with a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators to introduce legislation to improve care for women veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The legislation, the Women Veterans Health Improvement Act of 2008 seeks to prepare the VA for the unprecedented influx of female veterans who will access care there in the coming years. VA officials estimate that the am… Continue Reading



Senator Murkowski Supports Victims of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill This week, the Supreme Court heard the appeal of the ongoing litigation between Exxon Mobil and commercial fishermen and other plaintiffs whose livelihoods were negatively impacted by the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Once the Supreme Court decided to hear this case, I joined with the Senator Stevens and Congressman Young in submitting an Alaska Congressional Delegation amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court. In t… Continue Reading



Important Change in International Travel Requirements Effective January 31, 2008, U.S. and Canadian citizens ages 19 and older should no longer expect that they will be able to prove identity and citizenship by relying on an oral declaration alone. Travelers will be asked to present documentation proving citizenship and identity when entering the United States at land or sea ports of entry. For a complete list of acceptable documents and more information visit… Continue Reading


2007 Annual Report

Water Resources Development Act Becomes Law In November, the House and Senate overrode the President's veto of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), enabling the legislation to become law. Congress authorizes specific Army Corps of Engineers projects in WRDA, including studies, before appropriating funds to them. Congress had not completed a WRDA since 2000. Passage of a Water Resources bill was long overdue. I applaud my fellow members of Congress for recognizing the importanc… Continue Reading

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