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Anchorage Daily News: Large cruise ships are returning to Southeast Alaska, ending a 21-month hiatus

by James Brooks

Southeast Alaska's tourism drought is ending. On Friday, the first large cruise ship in 21 months, Royal Caribbean International's Serenade of the Seas, tied up to Ketchikan's docks. The ship was a test voyage, intended to gauge the effectiveness of COVID-19 precautions. But others will follow later this month and they will keep arriving through October. Sitka will see its first ship mid-month. Juneau, the state's biggest cruise port, will welcome its first big arrival on July 23. … Continue Reading


OPINION: We must address gender-based violence and domestic violence in Alaska

by Senator Lisa Murkowski

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all - from losing loved ones and feeling isolated to job loss and financial insecurity - devastating effects felt across America. Throughout the pandemic, we saw numerous shelter-at-home orders to help mitigate the spread of the disease. Sheltering at home, though, assumes that your home is a true shelter - a safe place. But imagine being told to "hunker down" in an environment that's far from safe. For many, sheltering in place meant increased cases of a… Continue Reading


Foreign Service Journal: Can the Arctic’s unique distinction as a zone of peace be maintained? “The Arctic Senator” explains what it will take.

by Lisa Murkowski

A battle-ready flotilla of 50 warships and 40 military aircraft cruised across the North Pacific. In its path was a small fleet of American fishermen. When the flotilla's course encroached on the U.S. fishing grounds, the flotilla aggressively directed the fishing fleet to leave the area. The fishermen, a resilient and experienced group-the "seen it all" type-were understandably shocked. Seeing no choice, they quickly fled the scene. After all, what could an unarmed collection of fishermen do in… Continue Reading


E&E News: Historic duo puts climate on Indian Affairs agenda

by Geof Koss and Emma Dumain

When control of the Senate remained up in the air for two months after last November's elections, Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) made a pact about the Indian Affairs Committee, where they were both in line to serve as the two most senior members. "We chatted before it was clear who was going to win the Senate and agreed that whether she was chair or I was the chair, it was going to be a partnership," Schatz told E&E News in an interview last month. "And that rem… Continue Reading


Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Murkowski calls for ‘full fleet’ of Coast Guard icebreakers

by Linda F. Hersey

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is proposing to create a U.S. icebreaker fleet and increase military staffing in the Arctic, under a sweeping bipartisan bill to counter China's economic and geo-political interests in the region. The U.S. Coast Guard currently operates two aging icebreakers, including one near the end of its lifespan. "The Arctic is a national asset and should be treated as such. I have long been dedicated to helping our nation invest in the infrastructure and assets critical to suppo… Continue Reading


IRS Get My Payment

Find when and how the IRS sent your 2021 Economic Impact Payment with the Get My Payment tool.… Continue Reading


Feeding our communities, one grant at a time

by U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mazie Hirono

The residents of America's noncontiguous states and territories - whether we live in the far north or on islands in the Caribbean Sea or Pacific Ocean - have a lot of things in common. Food insecurity should not be one of them. The truth is, too many families face food insecurity, and the ongoing pandemic has exacerbated this painful reality. The supply lines that bring food to our states and the territories are long and fragile. We don't grow enough food locally, food prices are high and one d… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Murkowski: Why I didn’t vote for the COVID-19 relief bill

by Lisa Murkowski

March 11 marked exactly one year since communities across the United States shut down in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Those efforts were valiant and significant, but the virus still claimed the lives of hundreds of Alaskans and the economic impacts on our state have been profound. Travel bans and hunker-down orders essentially shut down Alaska's tourism industry overnight. Necessary safety restrictions and public health concerns decimated businesses across the state, including our … Continue Reading


Anchorage Daily News: Former Fairbanks lawmaker Hugh ‘Bud’ Fate dies at 91

by Tess Williams

On Thursday, former Republican Alaska State Representative Hugh "Bud" Fate of Fairbanks died at age 91. Fate, a dentist and U.S. Army veteran, represented the Fairbanks area from 2001-2004 in the state legislature. He also served as president to the University Board of Regents and state Board of Dental Examiners. Fate was an Army Corporal during the Korean War, and was tasked with mapping the Alaska-Canadian Highway during his service. "An outspoken advocate of education, Bud was instrumental … Continue Reading


Ketchikan Daily News: Murkowski talks PVSA, CDC cruise issues

by Danelle Kelly

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska joined a videoconference with representatives from the Alaska Travel Industry Association on Feb. 19 to talk about the challenges and possible solutions to reviving the tourist industry in Alaska in 2021. The largest percentage of tourists who visit Alaska arrive on large cruise ships. The 2021 Alaska cruise ship season continues to face obstacles to resumption of sailing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Those obstacles include meeting requirements set by t… Continue Reading


Wall Street Journal: Congress Revives Push for Equal Rights Amendment

by Kristina Peterson

Almost 50 years after Congress passed the Equal Rights Amendment, the fight is intensifying over whether lawmakers can lift the decades-past deadline for states to ratify it and add it to the Constitution. Last month, a bipartisan group of lawmakers in both chambers introduced a resolution to eliminate the deadline for state ratification of the ERA, which would write into the Constitution that the federal and state governments can't deny or abridge equality of rights based on sex. The ERA has b… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Even during a pandemic, the iconic Iditarod continues

by Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, and Don Young

The Iditarod - the Last Great Race - captures the imagination and the hearts of many Alaskans, as well as people around the world. Teams of mushers and their dogs racing roughly 1,000 miles across the state of Alaska toward the finish line in Nome, in some of the harshest conditions and across some of the most difficult and rugged terrain on the planet. It is quintessentially Alaskan. There are other sled dog races around the world and throughout Alaska, but the Iditarod is the most renowned. N… Continue Reading


KHNS: Murkowski pays virtual visit to Haines as Biden approves major disaster declaration for Southeast Alaska

by Claire Stremple

Snow canceled U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski's in-person visit to Haines, but she met virtually with officials and Beach Road evacuees on Wednesday. Murkowski says she typically makes a few regional stops when she's in the state's capitol for the annual legislative address. This year she said there was no doubt Haines would be a destination. "The snow and the ice and the rain are not allowing for an in-person visit. So I'm particularly disappointed that I wasn't able to just be sitting down and l… Continue Reading


Travel Market Report: Canada’s Cruise Ship Ban is ‘Unacceptable,’ Alaska Officials Say

by Daniel McCarthy

After Transport Canada last week announced its decision to ban cruise ship travel in Canadian waters through February 2022 a lot of questions were raised, not the least of which was why the ban was extended a full year from when the last ban was set to end. Now, this week, members of the U.S. Congress from Alaska, which has also been hugely impacted from the order as it essentially kills the Alaska 2021 cruise season should nothing change, are asking for answers. U.S. Senators Lis Murkowski, D… Continue Reading


Alaska Public Media: ‘Pretty damning’: Murkowski says start of 2nd Trump impeachment case is compelling

by Liz Ruskin

It was an emotional afternoon Wednesday in the impeachment trial of former President Trump. U.S. Senators looked tense as they watched multiple videos showing the insurrection at the Capitol Jan. 6. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she was disturbed and angry to relive the experience, and to see the violence as it played out elsewhere in the Capitol that day. "I knew what it meant to be running down this hallway with my colleagues. I wasn't fully aware of everything else that was happening in the bui… Continue Reading


Patch: Sens. Smith And Murkowski Introduce Bills To Fund Mental Health Treatment During Pandemic

by Max Nesterak

The percentage of adults reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression has more than tripled from 11% in 2019 to 37.7% in October 2020, according to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The number of overdose deaths has also accelerated since the start of the pandemic, according to preliminary data by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "During this deeply challenging time, we must ensure people get the health care they need," Smith said in a statement. The Stopping the… Continue Reading


The Northern Miner: US government gives high priority status to Graphite One’s Alaskan project

by Daniel Sekulich

In mid-January Graphite One's (TSX: GPH; US-OTC: GPHOF) Graphite Creek project in Alaska was designated as a High-Priority Infrastructure Project (HPIP) by the U.S. government's Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Committee (FPISC). The approval comes after the project was originally nominated for HPIP designation by Alaskan governor Mike Dunleavy in October, 2019. In his 2019 nomination letter to the FPISC, Governor Dunleavy wrote that designating Graphite Creek as a High-Priority Infrastr… Continue Reading


Anchorage Daily News: Murkowski among group of Republican senators who met with Biden to urge smaller pandemic relief package

by James Brooks

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski met with President Joe Biden on Monday, joining a group of nine other Republican U.S. Senators in asking the president to consider a smaller COVID-19 relief package than his own $1.9 trillion proposal. "None of us walked away saying, 'OK, there's a deal to be had here,'" Murkowski said, "But what I think our group of 10 walked away with and what I hope the President and the Vice President walked away with, was there was a good, honest, open, frank discussion about iss… Continue Reading


KTUU: Murkowski 1 of 10 GOP senators who met with Biden on pandemic relief

by Marlise Irby

In an interview after the meeting, Murkowski said she does not believe the partisan outcome is the best way to start this "new age in Washington." Murkowski said, in the past year, Congress has passed five bipartisan bills totaling an amount in excess of $4 trillion. "We need to push out more when it comes to vaccine procurement, we need to move on that, we need to do more to avoid the unemployment cliff in March, we agree with that," said Murkowski. One topic that Murkowski said she brought … Continue Reading


Associated Press: Biden, Democrats hit gas on push for $15 minimum wage

by Kevin Freking

The Democratic push to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour has emerged as an early flashpoint in the fight for a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package, testing President Joe Biden's ability to bridge Washington's partisan divides as he pursues his first major legislative victory. Biden called for a $15 hourly minimum wage during his campaign and has followed through by hitching it to a measure that, among other things, calls for $1,400 stimulus checks and $130 billion to help schools … Continue Reading

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