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Interior Secretary Hears From King Cove Residents on Proposed Izembek Land Exchange

KING COVE, Alaska - Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell spent Friday in King Cove, hearing from community leaders and residents on a controversial land exchange proposal that would allow King Cove to complete a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge, to neighboring Cold Bay. Frequent stormy weather prevents many flights into and out of King Cove. Cold Bay has an all-weather airport that King Cove residents say they need access to, especially when there is a medical emergency. "In … Continue Reading


OP-ED: Save lives with a road from King Cove to Cold Bay

The proposal to build a life-saving road to connect the Alaska Peninsula communities of King Cove and Cold Bay is most persuasive when you listen to the stories of those who live there. Della Trumble watched the plane carrying her daughter crash when it tried to land at King Cove's treacherous airport in 2010. That's why she has spent her life fighting for a road to cross a small sliver of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge to the all-weather airport at Cold Bay. Or consider the story of Sar… Continue Reading


Murkowski sportsmen's bill picks up support, but politics may hamper passage

An Alaskan senator's bill to promote hunting and fishing opportunities on federal lands has picked up the support of some of her high-ranking Republican colleagues, though Democrats remain on the sidelines. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's S. 1335 includes a bipartisan measure to require the Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service to facilitate hunting, fishing and target shooting on hundreds of millions of acres of federal lands. Other provisions would reauthorize a revenue-neutral land acquisition… Continue Reading


Murkowski's U.S. Energy Trust Fund deserves support

LONDON, July 30 (Reuters) - In a small, specialist corner of the U.S. Senate, lawmakers are demonstrating how much can be achieved with a more bipartisan approach to policy. Lisa Murkowski, the senior senator from Alaska and highest-ranking Republican on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has published a discussion draft for a law that would establish an Advanced Energy Trust Fund. The draft ³American Energy Innovation and Production Act² would create a Trust Fund to pay for … Continue Reading


EDITORIAL: Oversee Spying - Senator's 2003 Effort is Relevant in 2013

Shortly after Lisa Murkowski's arrival as a new senator in Washington, D.C., she put a substantial amount of her time into an idea that ultimately didn't get far - curbing the ability of federal agencies to spy on U.S. citizens with virtually no oversight. A decade later, the topic is suddenly all the rage. That must be simultaneously frustrating and gratifying to Alaska's senior senator. In July 2003, just eight months after becoming a senator, Murkowski publicly launched what became a multi… Continue Reading


Senators Revamp Offshore Revenue Sharing Plan to Ease Budget Impact (CQ)

A pair of senators introduced new legislation Wednesday revamping their proposal to boost the revenue from offshore drilling that is shared with coastal states, in an attempt to minimize the bill's budgetary impact. Like an earlier version (S 630), the draft legislation sponsored by Sens. Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, would direct as much as 37.5 percent of the revenue from offshore energy production in federal waters - both fossil fuel and renewable - to the coffers of… Continue Reading


Op-Ed: Diversity - Immigration Reform Bill Honors America's Key to Greatness

In the shadows of the Chugach, the Anchorage neighborhood of Mountain View is a bustling community that boasts the most diverse census tract in the entire United States of America, according to recent research. Walking down the street or entering a restaurant, you encounter a wide range of Alaskans speaking dozens of different languages. It's our own 907 'melting pot,' and there are dozens of such areas around our state where the wide range of backgrounds can be seen through our clothes, food an… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Murkowski Shares Thoughts on Marriage Equality with Alaskans

Not too long ago, I had the honor of nominating an Alaskan family as "Angels in Adoption," a celebration of the selflessness shown by foster care families and those who adopt children. They arrived in Washington, DC, a military family who had opened their doors to not one child but four siblings to make sure that these sisters and brother had the simplest gift you can give a child: a home together. We had lunch together, and they shared their stories with me. All the while, the children polit… Continue Reading


Murkowski Shares Thoughts on Marriage Equality with Alaskans:

Not too long ago, I had the honor of nominating an Alaskan family as "Angels in Adoption," a celebration of the selflessness shown by foster care families and those who adopt children. They arrived in Washington, DC, a military family who had opened their doors to not one child but four siblings to make sure that these sisters and brother had the simplest gift you can give a child: a home together. We had lunch together, and they shared their stories with me. All the while, the children polit… Continue Reading


Arctic Sounder: Murkowski speaks on Arctic opportunities

Sen. Lisa Murkowski knows she lives in an Arctic nation. Convincing some of her colleagues in Washington of that is another story, she said. While some in the state may disagree with her politics on national issues, few can say Murkowski ignores the state's northern issues. Almost weekly, a release comes out of her office touting her calls for more U.S. Coast Guard resources, funding for studies of infrastructure needs, and her thoughts from her latest trip to the Arctic Council. "We in Alaska… Continue Reading


Associated Press: Holder - Appeal expected on prosecutor discipline

JUNEAU, Alaska - The U.S. Justice Department is expected to appeal a judge's ruling that overturned the suspensions of two federal prosecutors over their conduct in Sen. Ted Stevens' corruption trial. Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday he did not agree with the judge's decision and expected the Justice Department would appeal it to the Merit Systems Protection Board. Holder's comments were in response to questions from U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, during a subcommittee hearing in … Continue Reading


Fuel Fix: Obama officials face tough questions on oil drilling, land access

"Our priority is processing permits to drill that are already in flight" rather than work on new applications, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told reporters after a Senate budget hearing in Washington on Tuesday. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and a top deputy were questioned about drilling on federal lands, the cleanup of legacy oil wells in Alaska and how the government will protect endangered species in the West during a wide-ranging hearing Thursday before the Se… Continue Reading


Associated Press: Murkowski pleased with TSA turnaround on knives

JUNEAU, Alaska - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she's glad small knives will not be allowed on commercial passenger airlines. The administrator of the Transportation Security Administration announced Wednesday that the agency is abandoning its plan to let passengers carry small knives, souvenir bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes. The plan faced opposition from industry and members of Congress, including Murkowski. Murkowski, in a release, said allowing small knives on plane… Continue Reading


Fairbanks Daily News Miner: Murkowski looks to improve military recruit health

FAIRBANKS - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has co-sponsored legislation that aims to reduce the high number of military recruits who cannot meet basic fitness requirements and who therefore can't serve The Fit to Serve Act, which Murkowski co-sponsored with Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., would boost nutritional awareness for young people and would allow military leaders to open their base's sports fields, gyms and other facilities to young people seeking a place to exercise, according to a news release fr… Continue Reading


Matsu Valley Frontiersman: $930K for local health center

WASILLA - Nearly a million dollars worth of grants are headed to a local community health center to help combat depression. In a conference call Monday, Mat-Su Health Services announced it had received $465,000 from the Social Innovation Fund of the Corporations for National and Community Service. Another $465,000 came in grants from nonprofits, including the Rasmuson Foundation. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who announced the Social Innovation Fund grant, said that the money will go to help fund start-… Continue Reading


Alaska Business Magazine: Murkowski Fighting for Arctic Ports, Alaska Priorities in Senate Bill

by By Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C. - With the U.S. Senate considering S.601 the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) to address infrastructure priorities on America's coasts and rivers, Senator Lisa Murkowski today introduced three separate amendments to boost Alaska's emerging Arctic opportunities and address the needs of other vital waterfront areas in Seward and Haines. "Port and harbor investment is essential to so many Alaskan communities in Alaska, and I'm glad the Senate has taken up this bill dealing w… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Shedding Light on Anonymous Ads

Like clockwork, there's something voters have come to count on with each election: more and more anonymous advertisements sponsored by mysterious, innocuous-sounding groups, voicing support or opposition for a candidate. These groups are taking advantage of loopholes and lax enforcement and leaving voters to wonder who these people are, where the money came from and about their true agendas. Voters can't be detectives - they want to know who is behind political ads and what their hidden agenda m… Continue Reading


OP-ED: Bring Back Real Debate in Senate

Americans differ deeply on many of today's great questions, but they unite in their frustration with the inability of Congress and the president to address our nation's challenges. The Senate Democrats' majority leader, Harry Reid, is advancing the argument that we could fix the Senate if only we would reduce protections for the minority by limiting the filibuster. But protecting minority rights - not just party rights, but individual rights - is one of the constitutional purposes of the Senate… Continue Reading


Delta Discovery: Senator Murkowski hosts Subsistence Listening Session

Senator Lisa Murkowskiheld a Listening Session to hear views and concerns regarding subsistence from local and regional community members. She hosted the meeting on April 2nd, 2013 at Yuut Elitnaurviat in Bethel under the direction of the Alaska Federation of Natives. The room was filled to capacity with people ready to testify. Moderating the event was Ana Hoffman who also gave the opening welcome. The first to give testimony was Myron Naneng, President of the Association of Village Council Pr… Continue Reading


Op-Ed: Ending abuse, securing justice in Alaska

Alaska is known for its natural beauty, geographic vastness, and tremendous energy potential. Behind the beauty is a difficult reality that many of us, even in Alaska, fail to recognize. Our state has among the highest rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in the nation. This is a horrific reality that threatens thousands of vulnerable Alaskans - both rural and urban - and also could have a shameful legacy and impact for our future generations. Since the enactment of the Violence Aga… Continue Reading

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