Patriot Act Reauthorization

A tenuous balance exists between efforts to safeguard our nation from would-be terrorists and protecting the civil liberties Americans have come to expect. One of the most important tasks for Congress is determining how best to strike that balance given the realities of policy-making in a post 9/11 world. When the conference report reauthorizing the USA Patriot Act first came out this past November, I joined with five other Senators in a bipartisan effort to voice our view that the report langua… Continue Reading


New Energy Bill Lights Way to Balanced Energy Development

Legislation recently cleared by the U.S. Senate Energy Committee provides a balanced blueprint to both increase domestic production of energy from nonrenewable and renewable sources and to promote efficiency, conservation and the new energy technologies that will light our future. The bipartisan bill could lead to production of an additional 53 billion barrels of domestic oil, trillions of cubic feet of natural gas and pioneer the technology to produce gas from methane hydrates, which could … Continue Reading


A Fair Process to Confirm Fair Judges

The use of the filibuster in the United States Senate and the President's judicial nominations have been popular topics of conversation in recent weeks. Print ads, radio spots, and television commercials have all highlighted the irrefutable harm - or unquestionable good, depending on your point of view - that the filibuster represents. What is not often mentioned is the impact this debate could have on other items of importance to the country and Alaska, such as ANWR, the Energy bill, health car… Continue Reading

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