Sen. Murkowski's Remarks to the Alaska State Legislature

Remarks of Senator Lisa Murkowski to the Alaska LegislatureFebruary 18, 2010Juneau, Alaska*** AS PREPARED FOR DELIVERY *** in the Alaska Legislature, I'm glad to be home. And to our fellow Alaskans who are watching on Gavel to Gavel and listening on APRN and KTOO, thank you for inviting me into your home. My family is the thing that grounds me and allows me to wake up with a smile every day. But the things that are going on in Washington are serious and weighty. Our Nation faces unprecedente… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski on Obama's Conflicting Energy Policy

Mr. President, when President Obama delivered his first State of the Union Address two weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by his remarks on energy policy. In addition to calling for bipartisan legislation, the President indicated his support for more nuclear energy and new oil and gas development. Those are all positive steps, not least because they would draw strong support here in Congress and help create jobs all across the country.Having listened to the President's ideas, I looked forward… Continue Reading


Remarks to the National Indian Education Association Legislative Summit

Thank you, President Patricia Whitefoot, for your gracious invitation to speak with you and the members of the National Indian Education Association. It is both an honor and a pleasure to be here with you again this year. I want to recognize and thank Past President Ryan Wilson, of the Lakota Oglala, for his kindness and friendship. And to NIEA's great Executive Director, Lillian Sparks, who will be our next great Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans at HHS, I say thank you a… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski Pays Tribute to Alaskan Education Pioneer William Demmert

Mr. President, I rise today to honor Dr. William G. Demmert, known by many as Kaagoowu (a man with the strength of a stump) of the Tlingit ''Naasteidi'' Eagle clan--a pioneer in the cause of improving Indian education and the Nation's leading researcher on Native language immersion and culturally based education. I am saddened to report that Dr. Demmert, an invaluable pioneer in the cause of justice for Indian education, died January 19, 2010, in Bellingham, WA, at the age of 75. He was a man … Continue Reading


Ketchikan: Murkowski's Remarks from the Swan-Tyee Electric Intertie, ‘Throw the Breaker’ Celebration

Good day, and this truly is a GOOD day. The atmosphere for this ceremony is truly electric. But I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to be here today for this ceremony marking the completion and operation of this first segment of a Southeast Intertie project, the opening of the Swan-Tyee Intertie. It is hard to believe it has been 15 years since Ketchikan government first started this effort and nearly 13 years since the E-I-S was issued marking the official start of the project to build an i… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski Introduces EPA Disapproval Resolution

"Mr. President, over the past five months I've repeatedly expressed concern about the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to issue back-door climate regulations under the Clean Air Act. I spoke at length about this issue here on the Senate floor in September, and then again in December. I've also discussed it with dozens of groups, from all across the political spectrum, and found there is remarkably widespread agreement with my views. "As the EPA moves closer and closer to issuing these… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski Comments on Negative Affects Health Care Bill Will Have on Alaskans

Mr. President, I wish to acknowledge the very eloquent and articulate comments of my friend from Florida. We recognize that his time in the Senate has been relatively short, but in terms of an individual jumping in with both feet and embracing the challenges we clearly have in front of us and representing the constituents of the State of Florida in the manner he has, I think that deserves public recognition, and I thank the Senator for his leadership. We have had occasion to talk about the simi… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski Seeks to Halt EPA Endangerment of U.S. Economy

Floor Speech: Disapproval Resolution for Endangerment FindingDecember 2009 Mr. President, I know the Senate is primarily focused on health care right now, but I've come to the floor to speak on another important topic, and that's climate change. I'd like to discuss a recent action by the Environmental Protection Agency, the consequences it could entail for our economy, and why Congress must prevent it from taking effect. Let me start by reminding my colleagues that I have committed to a carefu… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski Says Democrats' Health Care Bill Doesn't Solve Medicare Access Problem in Alaska

Mr. President, I appreciate the good Senator from Pennsylvania and his discussion and his clear and constant focus on children and children's health. I wish to commend him for his good work and for always reminding us of the importance of our children in so many aspects of our policies. So I thank him for that. I, too, rise this afternoon to talk about the debate on health care and the debate we seem to have ongoing with the numbers. Whether it is numbers that are coming out from the Congressi… Continue Reading


Remaks to the Business Roundtable CEOs Members Meeting on Climate Change

"Thank you Mike for that kind introduction. I appreciate the opportunity to be here today to speak with you about global climate change and the state of the debate over what to do about it. "I know this is an important issue for everyone in this room. Whatever solution we ultimately enact, it has to work for America's business community, especially now when so many Americans are struggling to find work and businesses are having a difficult time keeping their doors open. "I believe we can, and … Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Citing ISER Study, Murkowski Says Democrats Health Care Bill Would Be Poor Fit for Alaska

"In this morning's Wall Street Journal there is an article--actually, an editorial--and it starts out: ''Another Day, Another Study,'' confirming that Obamacare will increase the price of health insurance. It goes on to talk about a Blue Cross study. It talks about CBO numbers. But the reality is, we have numbers all over. I think we all recall the quote from Mark Twain: You've got liars, damn liars, and statisticians. "Well, I think we are caught up in that world now of dueling numbers. Our nu… Continue Reading


Floor Conversation: Murkowski Introduces Amendment to Keep Government Out of Helath Care Coverage Decisions

Sen. Murkowski: Mr. President, there has been a great deal of discussion this week certainly, and last week, with the announcement from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the USPSTF, of their recommendations as they relate to mammograms and recommendation that women under the age of 50 do not need to be screened until they reach age 50, and then on attaining the age 50, every other year after that. When these recommendations came out on November 16, it is fair to say they generated a leve… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Sen. Murkowski speaks on her concerns about the Democrat health care proposal currently being debated in the U.S. Senate.

"I thank my colleagues and I thank particularly the senior Senator from Maine for her long, arduous work as part of a small group of Senators who did try, honestly and with great integrity, to advance this process so we would have a bipartisan product to deal with. I appreciate her efforts. I heard a little bit of her frustration as she spoke on the floor this evening. I thank her for her leadership. "I concur with my fellow Senator from Oklahoma that we all agree reforms are needed in the heal… Continue Reading


Remarks to the 2009 Alaska Federation of Native Convention

I am honored to join with you this afternoon at Alaska's greatest family reunions. During AFN Week, the Dena'ina Center is Alaska's largest Native village. Thank you for inviting me into your extended family once again. In so many ways, the AFN Convention represents the best of Alaska, Alaska's values and Alaskan traditions. The Elders and Youth Conference. We all understand that it's tough living in two worlds - the traditional and the modern. The annual Elders and Youth Conference bridges … Continue Reading


Remarks to the Alliance to Save Energy’s Policy Perspectives Breakfast

"Good morning, and thanks for that kind introduction. I appreciate all the hard work that you and the rest of the Alliance do to keep efficiency at the forefront of the energy debate, both on Capitol Hill and across the country. "As you know, the Senate these past few months has focused primarily on health care legislation. That debate goes on. But debate about the future of our nation's energy policy has never been far from the surface. "The president and his administration have set ambitious… Continue Reading


Floor Speech: Murkowski Offers Amendment on EPA Regulation of Carbon Dioxide

"Mr. President, I believe it is truly unfortunate that we are not allowed to consider this amendment. The amendment I was hoping to be able to bring up and consider is one that would prohibit the use of funds that has the effect of making carbon dioxide a pollutant subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act for any source other than a mobile source. "It is unfortunate that the majority will not allow us to consider this amendment. The problem it seeks to address is significant. I don't belie… Continue Reading


Remarks to the Council on Competitiveness’ National Energy Summit and International Dialogue

"Good afternoon and thank you for that introduction. And thanks to the Council on Competitiveness for holding this summit. I appreciate the opportunity to spend a few minutes speaking with you about one of the most important debates of our time - the policies that we should pursue to strengthen our energy security and address climate change. "The stakes of this debate are clear and extremely high. Throughout our history, access to abundant and affordable energy has helped ensure America's gro… Continue Reading


Remarks to Commonwealth North

"Hello and thank you for inviting me to speak with you all today. It's great to be here in Anchorage to provide you with an update on health care reform, an issue that has dominated the national and local headlines this summer. And as many of you have seen, this issue is causing very emotionally heated town-hall meetings and debates across the country. "But before we delve into health care reform, I'd like to take a step back and look at the health of the economy and spending by Congress in th… Continue Reading


Remarks on Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Surpeme Court

"Mr. President, a decision as to whether to confirm a President's nominee to the Supreme Court is one of the most significant decisions any of us will make during our Senate careers. The precedents that are established by the U.S. Supreme Court do not merely affect the litigants but the entire fabric of American society, often for centuries. "Justices of the Supreme Court enjoy life tenure. They are not accountable to the President who appointed them or to the Senators who voted to confirm… Continue Reading


Remarks to USEA/Johnson Controls 20th Annual Energy Efficiency Forum

"Thank you for that kind introduction, and for inviting me here today to speak about the important role of energy efficiency in our national energy policy. "Simply put, energy efficiency offers us the quickest and easiest way to improve our energy and environmental policy. "Efficiency provides us with an opportunity for an easy "twofer" - it not only reduces the amount of energy we need, it also cuts the amount of carbon we emit. "Before we sing the praises of efficiency, though, I think it's… Continue Reading

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