VIDEO REMARKS: Statewide Trails Conference

Thank you for allowing me to speaking with you today and I am sorry I cannot be with you in person. I hope you are making the most of your time in Wasilla, having a little fun where you can, and working together to find resolution to keep our trails alive and well across our beautiful state. Our trails are a constant opportunity to access more and more of the great beauty of Alaska, particularly as spring entices more and more of us to get outdoors. Trails are a vital part of the fabric of Al… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Edison Electric Institute

Good morning, everyone. Thank you for taking time to be in Washington. This is an important meeting, and I'm honored to again be part of it. Your engagement on public policy makes a difference. Although there are clear divisions among voters that are reflected in Congress, you are a credible voice on energy issues to nearly all of its members. In the "real world" you and your teams consistently meet difficult obligations. You generate and deliver electric service, you ensure that service is… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Tanana Chiefs Conference Annual Convention

I am so happy to join you during this very special week in Fairbanks. The week that begins with the TCC Annual Meeting, includes the annual Fairbanks Native Association gatherings and concludes with the Doyon Annual Meeting and the Open North American Sled Dog Race. Officially spring begins on Friday. I know it's hard to get your mind into spring until breakup but for me this wonderful week in Fairbanks has always signified the end of winter and the count down to the summer. Seeing the days grow… Continue Reading


FLOOR SPEECH: Introduction of Senate Arctic Caucus

Mr. President, I have come to the Floor today to invite each member of the Senate to join me in embracing a new opportunity before our nation - our Arctic Opportunity. On April 25, 2015, the United States will assume the chair of the Arctic Council - the intergovernmental forum for the eight nations with territory inside the Arctic Circle. Those are Canada, Denmark/Greenland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and by virtue of Alaska, us - the United States. The Arctic Council also in… Continue Reading


SPEECH: PNWER "North American Arctic Leaders Forum"

Good afternoon and thanks for the invitation to join you. It's great to welcome you back to Washington, DC - and on a day like this, it's great to be with a group who knows how to handle a little snow. I'm glad you braved the weather to be here today. And I'm excited to hear more about PNWER's efforts to foster strong partnerships in the Pacific Northwest, and to extend our region's influence across the country. The Pacific Northwest is well-represented on energy policy in the Senate right … Continue Reading


FLOOR SPEECH: Response to Keystone XL Veto

I have come to speak about our upcoming vote to override President Obama's unfortunate, shortsighted veto of the first piece of bipartisan energy legislation we sent him this year. About a month ago, S. 1 - the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act - passed our chamber on a bipartisan basis. Nine Democrats joined with 53 Republicans here in the Senate to pass it. It was a similar story in the House, where 29 Democrats joined 241 Republicans to overwhelmingly pass this bill. We most often refer t… Continue Reading


SPEECH: U.S. Army Listening Session (Fairbanks)

Good evening Interior Alaska and to our visitors from Washington, DC, welcome to the Golden Heart City of Fairbanks. Last evening I had the opportunity to beam in to the Anchorage listening session. My testimony last evening focused on Alaska's value to the Army. I spoke about our strategic location - the fact that our Army can get where it needs to go from Alaska faster than anywhere else. Our superior training grounds. The exceptional performance of Alaska trained troops in battle. The fact t… Continue Reading


SPEECH: U.S. Army Listening Session (Anchorage)

Major General Shields, our visitors from Headquarters, US Army, and fellow Alaskans. I bid you a warm welcome from Washington, DC. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to beam to your listening session. We often describe our Alaska economy as a "three legged stool." One leg represents the substantial contribution of oil and soon natural gas production. The second leg - federal spending in Alaska; chiefly military. The third leg - everything else - which includes our world renown sustainab… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Annual Address to Alaska State Legislature

President Meyer, Speaker Chenault, fellow legislators and fellow Alaskans: thank you for this invitation and for hosting us today. I say "us" because several members of my team are here in the gallery: my chief of staff, Ed Hild; my deputy chief of staff, Kate Williams (Juneau); my senior policy advisor on the Energy Committee, Mike Pawlowski (Juneau); my Alaska communications director, Karina Petersen (Soldotna); my fisheries assistant, Ephraim Froehlich (Juneau); and Connie McKenzie, who lead… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Armed Services YMCA Salute to the Military

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this 38th annual Salute to the Military. A warm round of applause for Buddy Whitt and his team at the Armed Services Y for putting this outstanding event together. And thank you all for coming out, as you do every year, to enthusiastically demonstrate this community's support for our military. This week I had the pleasure of meeting with the new Secretary of Defense, Dr. Ashton Carter. Dr. Carter is an individual who is no stranger to the State of… Continue Reading


FLOOR SPEECH: Introduction of Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2015

I've come to the Floor to speak in support of the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act of 2015, which I co-sponsored and introduced today with my friend from New Mexico, Senator Heinrich. I want to start by thanking Senator Heinrich and his staff for working with us to revise and re-introduce this important bill. I also greatly appreciate the bipartisan leadership of the Senate Sportsmen's Caucus on these issues. I very much look forward to working with the Caucus and others in this chamber to advance t… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Alaska Federation of Natives

Over the past year we have had the pleasure of meeting in places like St Mary's, Togiak, New Stu, Kwig and Point Hope. Thank you for inviting me into your homes. Thank you sharing your traditional foods with me. Thank you for sharing with me the most personal details of your lives. Julie, Ana and Tara, I rely on your advice and counsel to keep me plugged in while I'm back in Washington. And I rely on a great many others in this room. You know who you are. But I want everyone - and especially t… Continue Reading


SPEECH: Council of Arctic Parliamentarians

It's good to be with you. It's really impressive as I look out the window behind me and see the Yukon River. About three days ago I was at the mouth of the Yukon River 2,000 miles-1,800 miles from here. It is a reminder to me, a very direct reminder of this very shared relationship that we have in my state of Alaska and the Yukon territory here; between my country the United States and our closest northern neighbor Canada. But it is a reminder of all those things that we share. The greeting "gun… Continue Reading


Senator Murkowski Address to the Alaska State Legislature

Mr. Speaker, President Huggins, Legislators, fellow Alaskans -- Thank you for the opportunity to be back yet again- it's been twelve years. I just saw Andrew Halcro in the bleacher seats back there and it's just hard to believe that I have been representing you back in Washington, DC for 12 years, and that it has been that long since I have been with you as a member in the House calling you colleagues. So thank you for the welcome home this morning. You come in on a day like today with the blue… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Shutdown Should Not Happen Again

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced she is co-sponsoring the bipartisan End Government Shutdown Act, after spending the recent Alaska work period talking with Alaskans statewide who were impacted by the 16 day federal government shutdown. The legislation would create a trigger to fund the government if a fiscal year ended without a new funding bill passed by Congress. "When the federal government shuts down, the effects are felt by not just Alaskans who are federal employee… Continue Reading


Senator Lisa Murkowski's speech to the Alaska Federation of Natives

Good afternoon Lead with love. That`s what I learned from Valerie Davidson last week. Lead with love and what we just shared on the screen were voices from youth, voices from elder talking about leadership. When we're here in these halls leadership and what it means and how it defines what we do is part of the task in front of us. This year marks the tenth year that I have served you in the United States Senate. This is a significant anniversary. When you have a ten year anniversary it's import… Continue Reading


Video Message: Senator Murkowski State of the Arctic: Alaska

As I look at the number and variety of participants at this conference, I can't help but get excited at the level of attention the Arctic has received of late. Just look at the issues covered in the agenda: climate change, energy, security, business cooperation, research, shipping, infrastructure, investment, health, tourism. And from an Alaskans perspective, there is plenty of reason to be excited- our federal government seems to have finally realized that the United States in an Arctic nation… Continue Reading


Senator Murkowski Remarks: 2013 Energy Outlook

Remarks: Energy Outlook Event (Dentons and Navigant Consulting) Senator Lisa Murkowski July 16, 2013 Good afternoon and thanks for the opportunity to join you here today. It's not every day that I get to speak with such a large group of top-notch legal and analytical thinkers, so a special thanks to Dentons and Navigant for organizing this series of panels on the world's energy outlook. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, I'm glad that all of you … Continue Reading


Senator Murkowski Keynote: US Arctic Research Commission and Naval Ice Center

Good morning and thank you for the invitation to be with you for this Symposium. On a warm and sticky day it is always a good thing to start off by thinking cool thoughts - Arctic ice. But as the title for this event notes, there is less of it these days. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, since 2000 the minimum sea ice extent in the Arctic polar cap has been cut in half and reached a record low last year. Perhaps just as importantly, the Norwegian Polar Institute - Norway's… Continue Reading


Senator Murkowski Remarks: 2013 EIA Energy Conference

Good morning, and thank you, Adam, for that kind introduction. It is a true pleasure to be here. At this early hour I'm reminded of advice the English poet William Blake once gave: "Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night." We're off to a good start, aren't we? I love gatherings like this - the world's leading experts coming together to discuss the world's most interesting topics with incredible breadth and depth. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Energy… Continue Reading

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