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June 2009
SUPREME COURT: Senator and nominee discuss constitution.: Murkowski presses Sotomayor about past remarks
Sen. Murkowski seeks spot in Republican leadership
Alaskan lawmaker seeks Energy Dept. funds
MURKOWSKI: Top Republican senator on panel gets help for the gas pipeline.: U.S. House energy bill has Alaska-friendly provisions
EDITORIAL: Murkowski wins agreement on health facts for restaurant food
GAO Reports Minimal Progress in RelocatingAlaska Native Villages Threatened by Erosion
Murkowski and Begich Allied on Pipeline
U.S. bill to raise Alaska gas pipeline loan guarantee
Murkowski Seeks $30 Billion Loan Guarantee To Construct Alaska Gas Pipeline to Lower 48
Gas Pipeline Up Before US Senate Committee
Murkowski: Congress supports Alaska gas line
Federal bill gives edge to Alaska gas pipeline
NEWS: She points to progress on the federal level, including obama's interest.: Murkowski optimistic on Alaska gas piplene progress
U.S. geological survey reveals plethora of natural gas and oil in Arctic: Ratification of the ‘Law of the Sea’ treaty would redraw the maps
Federal report says villages need better help in relocating
The limping legislator
Young lashes out at Congress over missile defense
Murkowski Walks Delicate Line as Ranking Member
Megan Baldino: Murkowski calls for more support of nuclear energy
May 2009
EDITORIAL: A study in fixing nursing shortage
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