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Alaska Delegation Announces Approval of $12.9M for Fishery Disaster Relief

Senators Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young today announced that the second round of payments totaling $12.9 million for Alaskans seeking relief for federally-recognized fishery disasters has been approved by NOAA and will be available for Alaskans impacted by the low salmon runs in 2012. The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, working closely with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, developed a "sp… Continue Reading


Murkowski Co-Sponsors Bipartisan Fight Against Health Care Bill’s “Lost Wage Incentive”

Senator Lisa Murkowski has joined Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), Joe Donnelly (D-IN) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) to re-introduce the bipartisan Forty Hours is Full Time Act, which matches full-time employee status within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to the conventional 40 hour workweek. Employees who work thirty hours or more a week are considered "full-time employees" for purposes of the ACA, which has caused some employers to cut workers' hours or hire employees at 29 hours per week or less due to… Continue Reading


Chairman Murkowski Speaks in Support of Congressional Approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, spoke on Senate floor today in strong support of legislation to advance construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and focused on rebutting some of the inaccurate claims made by opponents of the project. Click Picture to View the Video "This is a simple bill. It approves the long-delayed cross-border permit needed to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. It does so while protecting private property rights, allowing Nebraska to find the best possible route for t… Continue Reading


Murkowski Welcomes New Staff Members to Capitol Hill Office

Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced a number of new hires to her personal office staff in Washington, D.C. The new hires include Ephraim Froehlich, Garrett Boyle, Phillip Dodd, and U.S. Air Force Major Taona Enriquez; they fill vacancies created by recent departures among her staff. The senator also announced that she is promoting her Legislative Director Kate Williams to become her Deputy Chief of Staff. "These men and women bring experience and Alaskan perspectives to the office as we begi… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Advances Keystone XL Legislation

- U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, the new chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, today voted to approve legislation that would authorize the Keystone XL pipeline to cross the United States-Canadian border. Click here to view the video "We have an opportunity to build on our reputation as an energy superpower that respects its neighbors, trades with its allies, and builds necessary infrastructure such as the Keystone XL pipeline. I believe Congress is ready … Continue Reading


Murkowski Votes For Tax Certainty for Alaskans

Senator Murkowski today joined 75 of her colleagues in passing H.R. 5771, the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, a one-year bill to extend over 50 now-expired individual, business, and energy-related tax code provisions for this calendar year. Though she supported this measure to protect Alaskans from an unwelcome tax hike in their 2014 returns, Murkowski believes the bill only underscores the need for comprehensive tax reform in the next Congress. The bill also includes the Achieving a Bette… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Responds to Withdrawal of North Aleutian Basin from Five-Year Leasing Plan

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today issued the following statement on President Obama's decision to withdraw Alaska's North Aleutian Basin from potential oil and natural gas activity. "Given the lack of interest by industry and the public divide over allowing oil and gas exploration in this area, I am not objecting to this decision at this time," Murkowski said. "I think we all recognize that these are some of our state's richest fishing waters. What I do not understand is why this decis… Continue Reading


Murkowski Lauds Alaskan Priorities in 2015 Funding Bill

Several provisions championed by Senator Lisa Murkowski are included the federal spending bill that passed the Senate today and heads to the President's desk. The bill to fund the federal government operations for Fiscal Year 2015 - with the exception of the Department of Homeland Security, which is funded through March - includes vital items related to the Arctic, military rural infrastructure, transportation, energy, education, and veteran support. "This bill is not perfect, but it is the pr… Continue Reading


2015 Budget Spotlights Murkowski Interior Approps Leadership

Today, Senator Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of the Fiscal Year 2015 spending bill that included the Interior Department budget and agenda she helped craft with Congressional Leadership addressing many core Alaska needs; having passed both Congressional chambers, the budget bill now heads to the President's desk. With the Department of the Interior managing a majority of Alaska's lands, forests and waters - in addition to providing oversight of many services and programs for Alaska Natives and … Continue Reading


Defense Bill Containing Key Alaska Benefits Passes Senate

Senator Lisa Murkowski today proudly cast her vote for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that funds America's military for the upcoming year and contains a wide array of key Alaskan priorities she worked with Congressional leadership to advance. The NDAA passed the Senate 89-11 and will head to the President's desk for a signature. "The provisions in the NDAA for Alaska show the importance of our state to the nation's defense - both current and long-term," said Murkowski. "I'm ple… Continue Reading


Murkowski, Young Assure VAWA Amendment Repeal

Senator Lisa Murkowski and Congressman Don Young today teamed up to make sure that Section 910 of the Violence Against Women Act was repealed, an effort co-sponsored by Senators Murkowski and Mark Begich and passed through the U.S. Senate earlier this week. (Legislation attached) Through numerous conversations with their House and Senate colleagues, the two Alaska lawmakers succeeded in having the provision removed from the law. In the final days of the 113th Congress, Representative Young work… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Justice Department Accountability Remains “Unacceptable”

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today released a study assessing how the Department of Justice is addressing instances of prosecutorial misconduct. The study, conducted at the request of Senator Lisa Murkowski, found a lack of progress, oversight and follow through by the Department to address misconduct, which a recent study found still prevalent in cases nationwide - and that several of the accused agents continue to be assigned new cases despite their track record. Notably, the s… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Highlights Lands Package’s Importance to the West

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate about the importance of Title 30 - a package of public lands bills - within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2015. Murkowski highlighted the title's importance to federal oil and gas permitting, grazing, mining, and other economic and community development opportunities in western states. (Click for video of Sen. Murkowski's floor speech) "After months of negotiations, we have agre… Continue Reading


Murkowski’s Arctic, Coastal, Fishery Priorities for Alaska in 2015 Budget

The federal government's Commerce, Justice, and Science (CJS) budget for fiscal year 2015 includes several provisions written and advanced by Senator Lisa Murkowski. Among them are items to support Alaska's world class fisheries, improve Arctic navigation, and protect the state's coastline from the continued debris related to the 2011 Japanese tsunami. The CJS budget is a smaller portion of the omnibus agreement to fund the federal government next year. "I want to thank my colleagues on the App… Continue Reading


Murkowski Protects 8,500 Alaska Fishing Boats from Costly Regulation

Senator Lisa Murkowski today succeeded in brokering a bipartisan agreement to block a costly and redundant EPA regulation on Alaska's commercial fishing fleet and commercial vessels under 79 feet that would have hurt fishermen and coastal communities. Today's unanimous U.S. Senate vote comes just weeks after Murkowski introduced a bill with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to extend the current moratorium and co-sponsored efforts establish a permanent exemption. Since then, she has been engaged in c… Continue Reading


Murkowski Interior Subcommittee Leadership Brings Results for Alaska Tribal Health, Lands and Parks in Spending Bill

As the top Republican on the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, Senator Lisa Murkowski today shared the results of her collaborations with Congressional Appropriations Committee members in crafting a 2015 Interior Department budget that addresses a number of core Alaska needs. With the Department of the Interior managing a majority of Alaska's lands, forests and waters - in addition to providing oversight of many services and programs for Alaska Natives and tribes - this bill has an o… Continue Reading


Murkowski Veteran’s Mental Health Efforts Reflected in Defense Bill

Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced that her priority of working for veterans' health and well-being on the home front through the DoD Suicide Tracking Act of 2014 has been included within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). With the NDAA having passed the House of Representatives overwhelmingly yesterday, Murkowski is one step closer to helping empower the nation's military community against the tragic and all too prevalent problem of suicide. Senator Murkowski introduced the Do… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Defense Bill Bolsters Alaska’s Military Footprint

Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced that the House and Senate negotiations to craft a National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to fund America's military for the upcoming year reflect a number of the key Alaskan priorities she has worked with Congressional leadership to advance. "Alaska's tactical position on the globe has long made us an ideal investment for the nation's defense, and the results of this year's NDAA discussions demonstrate that Congressional leadership continues to priorit… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Advances Legislation Finalizing Sealaska Land Claims

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, last night announced a bipartisan and bicameral agreement she helped negotiate to advance a lands bill package, including legislation to complete the aboriginal land claims of the Sealaska Native Regional Corp. Murkowski included the Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Jobs Protection Act, which she originally introduced as S. 340, in the package of lands bills developed by Senate and House leaders. Both chambers are expected to consider… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Announces Agreement on Public Lands Package

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today announced a bipartisan and bicameral agreement to advance a package of lands bills focused on expanding economic opportunities in Alaska and other Western states and will be included within the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The joint agreement on the package will support job creation and economic growth through a balanced approach to improving public lands management, natural resource development, and conservation, while fully protecting p… Continue Reading

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