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Sen. Murkowski Calls Out Interior’s Inconsistency on King Cove Road

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today pressed Rhea Suh, nominated to be the next assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks at the Interior Department, on the importance of approving a life-saving road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge to protect the health and safety of the people of King Cove, Alaska. Murkowski asked how Interior agencies could continue to defend their opposition to the King Cove road with the argument that it could harm the region's mi… Continue Reading


Murkowski Amendment Bringing Disaster Relief Aircraft to Alaska Added to Defense Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski is pleased to see that the amendment she filed to the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act to transfer eight surplus Army C-23 "Sherpa" aircraft to the State of Alaska has been added to the bill released yesterday by the House and Senate Armed Services Committee. The bill is expected to be considered in the Senate next week. Murkowski's amendment requires the U.S. Army to offer title of eight specific aircraft, preselected by the State of Alaska to … Continue Reading


On Pearl Harbor Anniversary, WWII Veteran Says “Life is Magnificent”

Anchorage resident Norman Hogg carries with him an Army-issued Bible received during his service time in World War II, bearing an inscription from then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He also carries a remarkable abundance of stories, observations and an authentic Alaskan brand of optimism. As the nation remembers the December 7th, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into the Second World War - a "date which will live in infamy" in Roosevelt's words - Senator Lisa Mu… Continue Reading


Murkowski Hires New Legislative Director

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Senator Lisa Murkowski today announced the promotion of Kate Williams to become her new Legislative Director in Washington, DC, to oversee her legislative efforts in the United States Senate. Williams will fill the vacancy created by Tara Shaw's departure to run the policy operations of Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY). "Kate Williams has a stellar track record of advancing Alaskan issues and serving Alaskans - and I look forward to having her hand guiding our policy aims as we do wha… Continue Reading


Murkowski Encourages Alaskans to Shop Small this Saturday

WASHINGTON, D.C. -Senator Murkowski shared a message supporting Small Business Saturday. Click on the image above to watch her video message "This Saturday, November 30th, is small business Saturday across America. We know by now that the Friday after Turkey Day is known affectionately as Black Friday. With people who set their alarm clocks way too early and shoppers stampeding for bargains at the same big box stores. But I'd like to urge you, on Saturday, to get out and support the local… Continue Reading


Murkowski Sustainability Fight Gets Major Change in Guidelines

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has wiped the names of controversial outside groups that decline to consider Wild Alaska salmon as 'sustainable' - when Alaska is the only state to have a sustainability mandate written in its Constitution and salmon known as "the flagship species for sustainability around the world" - from its concessions guidelines after a half-year struggle by Senator Lisa Murkowski. In a recent letter (attached) from a GSA Assistant Commissioner, the official w… Continue Reading


Murkowski Responds to Pentagon Arctic Strategy Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the release of the United States Department of Defense Arctic Strategy showing it wants to be 'very active and very involved' in the region, saying: "I welcome the Department of Defense's increased attention to, and engagement in, the Arctic. All components of the U.S. Government need to be involved to make the Arctic a national priority and our Armed Forces play a vital role toward that end. There is a tremendous opportunity in front … Continue Reading


Murkowski Proposes Alaska-Focused Amendments in Defense Bill

With the National Defense Authorization Act still before the United States Senate, Senator Lisa Murkowski has submitted a number of amendments focused on supporting Alaska's military through tangible projects such as rescue helicopters, aircraft and space launch capabilities. She is also continuing her advocacy to protect victims of military sexual assault and support a 'culture change' within the military. Aiming also to improve quality of life issues for the military, Senator Murkowski also … Continue Reading


Murkowski Launches #AKThanks Campaign, Engages Alaskans

Senator's Focus on Blessings Will Culminate with Tuesday Premiere of Her "Appreciating Alaska" Mini-Documentary WASHINGTON, DC - With Thanksgiving less than a week away, Senator Lisa Murkowski today is inviting Alaskans to focus on what they are grateful for, by starting a social media campaign to initiate a statewide conversation to 'accentuate the positive.' The Senator will invite all Alaskans on Facebook and Twitter to share their thoughts and stories, contributing daily the things she is … Continue Reading


Murkowski Statement on U.S. Senate “Power Grab”

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today shared her disappointment with the United States Senate's vote to eliminate filibuster rights for certain nominations - and according to Reuters news service, "Ditch a Historic Senate Rule" - taking away the Senate Minority's capacity to influence or impact the nomination process, saying: "Today, Senate Democrats decided they want more party line votes to push their agenda forward without needing to engage a single Republican. It's a power grab, pl… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Alaskan Examples Bear Witness to Need for Military “Culture Change,” Pushes Need for Transparency

Senator's Floor Speech: "This is Not What Zero Tolerance Looks Like" WASHINGTON, DC - With the United States Senate debating S.1197, the National Defense Authorization Bill, Senator Lisa Murkowski today spoke on the Senate floor to continue her advocacy for S.967, the Military Justice Improvement Act (MJIA) to deliver the "culture change" on sexual misconduct within the Armed Forces that the Secretary of Defense himself has acknowledged is necessary. Co-sponsored by Senator Murkowski in May, t… Continue Reading


Murkowski Urges Detailed Arctic Agenda At State Department

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today visited the State Department for a face-to-face meeting with Secretary John Kerry, where she continued her work with international global leaders to pave a path towards an effective Arctic strategy for the United States. During the meeting, Senator Murkowski raised the issue of defining the United States' action plan in anticipation of the United States assuming the Chairmanship of the Arctic Council in May 2015, with Murkowski expressing a desire f… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Customs and Border Patrol Decision Makes Fairbanks a Year-Round Destination

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the news that United States Customs and Border Protection is permanently creating three new customs positions slots at Fairbanks International Airport - not only permitting the Dawson City to Fairbanks summer flights initially denied, but opening up new possibilities for the Golden Heart City to attract more visitors year-round: "When Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initially decided to deny additional summer flights to transport 19… Continue Reading


Murkowski Bill Would Arm Soldiers With Information on Strain, Stress

WASHINGTON, DC - As the United States Senate prepares to debate the National Defense Authorization Act - authorizing military pay, benefits and some policy initiatives - next week, Senator Lisa Murkowski is prioritizing our men and women in uniform by introducing S.1703, the Military Mental Health Improvement Act. This bill would clearly and comprehensively communicate exactly how their mental health records can be accessed or used throughout their career to service members when they enter the … Continue Reading


Murkowski “Incredulous” at Indian Health Service’s Failure to Fully Fund Native Health Clinic Contracts

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today had a candid exchange with the Director of the Indian Health Service over the Obama administration's continuing refusal to fully fund the contract support costs for tribal health care providers nationwide, saying she is "incredulous that we are still living through this" fight. Contract support costs are the operational costs of tribes to manage tribal health programs -including personal management systems, liability insurance, and facility support c… Continue Reading


Murkowski Responds to Obama Health Care Reversal

Senator Lisa Murkowski shared the following response to President Barack Obama's news that he will allow exchanges to restore cancelled insurance plans for a year: "President Obama's so-called 'fix' today amounts to little more than a punt in several directions. He punted health care cancellations for another year, but didn't resolve any other issues with the law. He punted the discretion to deliver on this 'keep your health care' promise to health commissioners across the country. He punted o… Continue Reading


Murkowski Doubles Fishery Failure Relief Support on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In her continuing efforts to secure federal relief funds for Alaskan communities along the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers - as well as Cook Inlet - damaged by low salmon runs in 2012, Senator Lisa Murkowski today more than doubled the number of lawmakers on both sides of Capitol Hill advocating for resources for fisheries that have experienced their own "fish droughts" over the past two years. Murkowski already established strong bipartisan backing from 15 of her Senate colleague… Continue Reading


Flawed Eielson F-16 Proposal Suggests Sequestration Driving Military Strategy

Senator Questions Strategy When Making Cuts - "What is the Target Here?" Lower 48 Mayor Agrees With Need for Discretion When Seeking Savings WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski today seized an opportunity during a Capitol Hill hearing to continue pressing for agencies to have discretion when making mandatory, across-the-board sequestration cuts - using the example of the recently-scuttled proposal to transfer F-16 aircraft from Eielson AFB to Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. Calling it an… Continue Reading


Alaska Delegation Pushes for Equal Treatment for Indian Health Service and VA

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alaska's Congressional Delegation is advocating that Congress use the same approach it does with the Veterans Administration and fund the Indian Health Service one year in advance, to avoid the recurring and needless uncertainty faced by Alaska Native health care providers and those of providers for all indigenous people. Given the fact that the IHS has received its funding on time only once in the last fifteen years, the delegation wrote a letter pressing House and Senate Bu… Continue Reading


Senator Murkowski Shares Veterans Day Message with Alaskans

Washington, D.C.- Senator Lisa Murkowski offered the following statement in observance of Veterans Day: "This Veteran's Day, I'd like to thank all of the veterans who have served our country when called upon. The decision to enter into any military service is not one to be taken lightly, nor is it an easy burden to bear. Standing up to serve is something to be commended, something to be respected - and something to be honored by all of us who breathe easier and live freely because of those wh… Continue Reading

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