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Murkowski Encourages Alaskans to Learn Online Today

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Murkowski shared a message in support of National Digital Learning Day, being commemorated statewide (at locations like Haines, Juneau and Kenai) and across the United States today: Click on the image above to watch her video message "Across Alaska, digital technology is opening up doors many never thought were possible. Every day, teachers bring students into a vast world by using computers, iPads, and even smart phones. Through technology, even students from… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Comments on Closing of Flint Hills North Pole Refinery

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today released the following statement on Flint Hills' decision to close its petroleum refinery in North Pole, Alaska: "This is a major blow to our state, particularly the economies of Fairbanks and North Pole as the refinery paid some of the highest wages in the region. My thoughts right now are with the families of the workers who will lose their jobs or will have to transfer out of the state. I have reached out to the Alyeska Pipeline Se… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Bloated Farm Bill is “Business as Usual”

Senator Lisa Murkowski today cast her vote against the Farm Bill, which CBS News reports contains "billions of dollars of subsidies" and the AP reports has "goodies scattered throughout the nearly 1,000 page bill for members from all regions of the country," explaining her vote to Alaskans afterwards: ""I committed to Alaskans that I would make the difficult decisions when it comes to curbing federal spending. This is why I cannot in good conscience support this bill when it continues billions … Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Grills Nominee Suh over Interior’s Lack of Respect for Alaskans

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today firmly pressed the nominee for Assistant Secretary for Fish Wildlife and Parks, Rhea Suh on the Interior Department's disregard for the needs and concerns of the people of Alaska. Murkowski questioned Suh about whether the department was doing anything to ensure the safety of the people of King Cove after Interior Secretary Sally Jewell rejected, on Dec. 23, a proposed a life-saving road that would have connected the isolated communit… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Secures Commitment to Arctic Development

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today secured a commitment from the nominee for Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management, Janice Schneider, to improve the Interior Department's permitting process and provide greater regulatory certainty for oil and natural gas exploration in the Arctic. (Click photo for video of Sen. Murkowski's questioning of Janice Schneider) "I agree with you that business needs regulatory certainty and predictability. People, particula… Continue Reading


Murkowski Urges Obama to Reverse Interior Decision on King Cove

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today sent a letter to President Obama calling on him to reconsider Interior Secretary Sally Jewell's rejection of a land exchange in the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge that would provide a life-saving road for the residents of the isolated community of King Cove, Alaska. "The core issue in this dispute is one of simple justice: are potential or minor risks to birds more important than the lives of the residents of the native village of K… Continue Reading


Murkowski Meets with NORAD Chief on Arctic Matters

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski sat down with United States Army General Charles Jacoby, Commander of NORAD and the US Northern Command to review progress on implementation of the Arctic Defense Agenda outlined by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel in November. "There are so many new possibilities emerging in the Arctic, and the rest of the world is taking notice and acting - which means increased competition for Arctic opportunities that Alaskans can benefit from," said Murkowski. "Ge… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Actions, Not Words Needed in Arctic

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the White House's release of its "Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for the Arctic Region" by saying: "I am disappointed the released Implementation Plan is less an action plan than it is a mere snap-shot of existing and ongoing efforts in the Arctic. It does little to advance an agenda or further new commitments to making the Arctic a priority. It does provide a means to measure how committed this Administration is to the Arctic by includ… Continue Reading


Murkowski Votes to Avert Alaskan Flood Insurance Rate Hike

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After years of fighting costly and flawed Alaskan flood risk formulas for homeowners by the Federal Emergency Management Agency - with some Alaskan properties classified as 'high' risk based on flawed or outdated data and maps - Senator Lisa Murkowski cast a vote today for the bipartisan Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 she co-sponsored. S.1962 passed the Senate today, 67-32. This bipartisan legislation would halt any federal flood insurance rate hike on … Continue Reading


Senator Murkowski Proud to Announce 2014 Service Academy Nominations

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski today proudly announced the names of 34 Alaska high school seniors she is nominating for appointment to the U.S. military service academies for the class of 2018. "Each year, Alaska's superlative high school seniors apply to be nominated to our nation's military service academies by demonstrating a keen focus on their country, academics and fitness. I appreciate the time, energy and efforts of everyone who submitted applications; the enthusiasm they sho… Continue Reading


Sen. Murkowski Comments on Shell’s Decision on Arctic Drilling in 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) today issued the following statement on Shell's announcement that it is canceling plans to drill for oil in Alaska's Chukchi Sea this summer. "I am disappointed that Shell will not be able to move forward with exploration this summer, but am not surprised given the 9th Circuit's decision and the administration's failure to provide regulatory and permitting certainty for oil development in the Arctic. We can't expect Shell to continue to spe… Continue Reading


Murkowski Welcomes, Lauds Alaskan Air Heroes in DC Visit

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski today took the opportunity to a visit with three Alaska Air National Guard Search and Rescue Airmen to thank them on behalf of a grateful state for their live-saving work. These airmen are members of the 176th Wing, Alaska National Guard - the busiest Combat Search and Rescue unit in the entire U.S. Air Force - visiting Washington, DC to provide an update of their operations to Lt General Joseph Lengyel, Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau. They al… Continue Reading


Murkowski: “‘Go it Alone’ is not Governing”

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Lisa Murkowski today assessed President Obama's state of the union speech, where he repeatedly stressed that his willingness to use executive actions to advance his agenda, instead of seeking Congressional collaboration, saying: "Tonight marks another missed opportunity to demonstrate leadership from this Administration. Millions of Americans tuned in to hear the President express a willingness to roll his sleeves up and work with Congress in a bipartisan fashion to r… Continue Reading


Murkowski Outraged at N.S.A. “App Spies” Monitoring Smart Phones

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded critically to news accounts detailing that the government's surveillance practices include Americans' usage of their smart phones with applications including games and social media: "Like most Alaskans, I don't believe the government should be snooping around our property, our e-mails, library records or phone calls - and they certainly are very troubled that the National Security Agency is in our pockets playing 'Big Brother' tracking our smart phones. "… Continue Reading


Murkowski Commends Wal-Mart Decision to Continue Stocking Alaska Seafood in Stores Nationwide

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Wal-Mart today announced that it will continue to buy Alaska seafood for its nationwide stores, concluding a four-month review of Alaska's sustainability standards and practices. Senator Lisa Murkowski - who has been pushing back against outside groups attempting to question Alaska seafood since last Summer - had the following to say: "Alaska's sustainable wild seafood continues to be its own best advocate, and today's announcement from Wal-Mart is clear vindication of our s… Continue Reading


NOAA Gives Murkowski, Alaskans More Time for Acoustic Impacts Input

Between Christmas and New Year's Eve of 2013, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) opened a one month nationwide window for comments on its study results of acoustic noise on marine mammals. However, given the timing very few Alaskans or Americans knew about the opportunity - and Senator Lisa Murkowski called it an "unwelcome holiday surprise" while pressing the administration for more time. Today, NOAA responded to her call and added 45 days to the comment period f… Continue Reading


Murkowski: Obama Surveillance Reforms “Clearly Not Enough”

Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded critically to President Barack Obama's speech laying out his proposed reforms of the government's surveillance practices: "President Obama today told Americans he 'takes our privacy rights into account' with the N.S.A.'s overly broad surveillance policies - that's clearly not enough. Americans deserve privacy protection, not mere consideration. It is up to Congress to make the necessary reforms, such as those contained in the USA Freedom Act that I co-spo… Continue Reading


Murkowski Food Advocacy Effort Builds Momentum, Expands to $20 Million Alaska Salmon Purchase

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After successfully encouraging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to expand its efforts to provide more produce to food banks and affiliates nationwide last week, Senator Lisa Murkowski was able to help convince Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to use $20 million in existing funds to also purchase Alaska canned pink salmon for Americans in need. Murkowski was the lead Republican on a bipartisan August letter (attached) with over 20 of her Senate colleagues recommending more … Continue Reading


Murkowski Co-Sponsors Bill to Repeal 2016 Veterans Benefits Cuts

Senator Lisa Murkowski today joined seven of her Senate Republican colleagues in introducing S.1931, the Responsible Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014. This legislation would fully pay for an extension of unemployment insurance benefits for three months and repeals recent cuts in the military retiree cost-of-living adjustment included in December's budget agreement - without adding to the nation's deficit. "This bill is a rational, reasonable proposal to help jobless Americans t… Continue Reading


World War II Veteran: “Freedom Isn’t Free; I’m Lucky”

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Lisa Murkowski is today releasing her 20th Veteran Spotlight interview, focusing on the military service of Anchorage resident and WWII veteran Captain Howard "Mike" Hunt. The honor comes as Hunt celebrates his 91st birthday. Hunt joined the Army Air Corps, which would eventually become the U.S. Air Force, as a commissioned officer in 1942 when he was 20 years old. As a member of the Air Transport Command Ferry division, Hunt flew all over the world, including mission… Continue Reading

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